S03 E01: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the modern workplace

We are excited to start the third season of CultureClub! And we could not have asked for a better way to kick start this season.

In this first episode of the third season, we have with us Emily Goodson, CEO & founder – Culture Smart, who discusses diversity, equity and inclusion in the modern workplace.

About Emily

Emily is an inspirational speaker, writer and a positive workplace culture advocate. She runs her own consultancy – Culture Smart, where she helps workplaces become more inclusive and supportive by partnering with organizations internationally through training, speaking and advising engagements.

Prior to founding Culture Smart, Emily built and led the talent and people function for various high growth organizations. She has also worked in campus recruiting for Deloitte Consulting and achieved multiple coaching certifications.

Emily is an advocate for individuals with disabilities and a story of inspiration herself. Her insights in consultancy stem from her first-hand experiences of living with disability and lessons she learnt about how people should treat each other.

Here’s a gist of what Emily speaks about in this video:

  • How most organizations take a very skewed view on diversity. Diversity is in-fact more than just an employee’s gender, race, sexual orientation. Every employee brings their own dimension of diversity to an organization, be it their faith, age, education background, work background and even elements like service in the armed forces to name a few.
  • Key differences between equality and equity at work places and how they are both essential towards building a company culture that is truly inclusive and provides equal opportunities for all to grow.
  • Inherent biases that recruiters may have based on preconceived notions about individuals, like what school/college they went to and how to navigate through those to ensure they select a candidate who is a ‘right fit’ and not ‘looks to be the best fit’.
  • The importance of increasing a sense of belonging within your work force at all levels. When employees feel supported and emotionally secure, it boosts their productivity and reflects directly in both – individual and business performance.

Catch all this and more with Emily Goodson in Episode 1 of Season 3 of CultureClub and don’t forget to share your views in the comments below.