S04 E07: The Value of Establishing a Manager-Centered Company Culture

In the 7th episode of this season of CultureClub X powered by CultureMonkey, we have with us Melissa DiMuro, Chief People and Culture Officer at Limbach.

About Melissa – 

As the Chief People and Culture Officer at Limbach Holdings, Inc, Melissa is responsible for leading the human capital strategy for over 1600 employees across the US. This includes talent management, recruitment, succession, leadership development, workforce planning, total rewards, and culture.

Melissa has 20 years of progressive leadership experience in HR, 15 of which were spent at GE Aviation, a leading global provider of aircraft engines and aviation systems, and 3 in the printing industry at Quebecor World. 

She sits on the board of  The Spring of Tampa Bay and is a graduate of the Human Resources Leadership Program at GE.

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, she is a business leader with a passion for organizational transformation, culture evolution & talent strategies.

Here’s the gist of what Melissa speaks about in this video:

  • The need for managers to ensure that their team feels valued by improving two-way trust within the organization.
  • The significance of leaders focusing and prioritizing their own mental health.
  • The importance of psychological safety in the workplace and how it’s a foundation for building two-way trust between managers and employees.
  • The pivotal role of frequent pulse checks is in minimizing the disconnect between employees and the company’s goals.

Catch all this and more with Melissa DiMuro in S04 E07 of CultureClub X.