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Employee Engagement Solutions

Employee engagement is an organizational effort.

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Data backed people management decisions.

CultureMonkey’s employee engagement platform enables you to set, track and measure engagement goals through employee surveys and feedback management.

Analyze survey results, identify problem areas, prioritize employee feedback, and act on them by collaborating with other stakeholders - all in one place.

Deliver personalized employee engagement.

Sometimes implementing a single employee engagement plan across your organization may not work. Every team has a different need and it continuously changes with time.

CultureMonkey’s survey platform algorithm continuously learns from employee feedback and suggests relevant action recommendations - addressing the problems faced by a specific manager/team.

Create a safe space where your employees can voice their honest feedback and concerns.

All interactions through CultureMonkey’s survey app are 100% anonymous - this enables your employees to be more open and honest about their opinions.

Building a better workplace is a collective effort, notify and let employees know that their feedback is valued and it’s been acted upon.

Align employee engagement metrics with business goals

Measuring employee engagement helps check if employees are aligned with the business goals of the company.

CultureMonkey’s people analytics platform gives a snapshot of team morale in real-time, this enables leaders to focus on actions that help close alignment gaps faster.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Diverse employee surveys that drive honest and relevant feedback

CultureMonkey's survey software helps you:

Create custom employee surveys

Create survey questions on your own to measure the engagement of your employees, in exactly 4 steps.

Configure auto-pilot surveys

Intelligently automate and personalize surveys based on employee lifecycle or segments

Launch surveys from template library

Browse from 50+ research-backed survey templates to instantly send routine employee surveys

Send pulse surveys

Reduce survey fatigue by sending short employee surveys and maximize survey participation rate.

Employee Engagement: Measurement and Analytics

Visualize your organization’s culture, and drill down to specific employee pain points


Sentiment analysis

Benchmark performance

PPT reports

Excel export

Employee net promoter score analysis
Employee feedback sentiment analysis module
Employee engagement driver score benchmark analysis
Engagement survey results data's PPT file export
Engagement survey results data's CSV file export

Employee Feedback Management

Encourage employees into the habit of speaking up.

Get a quick summary of all feedback data

Filter feedback and act faster

Create actions and resolve feedback

Discover key feedback areas

Employee Feedback Actions

Take meaningful actions on feedback to improve employee confidence and trust.

Everyone in your organization is—and feels — responsible for creating a better workplace engagement.
Manage employee feedback using kanban board

Employee Privacy

Don’t shoot the messenger

Every employee touchpoint is 100% anonymous in CultureMonkey. Use anonymous engagement surveys to empower employees to voice their feedback.


We play well with other tools

CultureMonkey integrates with all major HRMS, user identity management, team collaboration, and internal communication tools.


What our customers love about us

UI / UX of CultureMonkey is topnotch and very easy-to-use. Reports & Dashboards are very insightful and the textual analysis of all feedback received from employees is very detailed and actionable. Private conversations that you have to begin with employees is an amazing feature.

Rentomojo's Customer testionial

Shanoor Fatima

Head of Engagement

Culture Monkey's auto pilot feature has made it very easy to personalize survey questions based on the employees phase in the company. This is very useful and we have successfully automated our 30days, 90 days and exit surveys. The UI/UX of the software is extremely pleasing and modern.

Razorpay's Customer testionial

Niya Thomas

Lead, HR Operations

CultureMonkey has been a strategic partner and an extension of our HR team. We have relied on them extensively to help us understand what's happening with the organization and shared that with senior leaders, and this has helped us drive change within the organization. I look forward to our continued partnership with CultureMonkey as we build a sustainable listening mechanism at Wood-Mizer.

Woodmizer's Customer testionial

William Gott

HR Manager

CultureMonkey is a really user friendly platform that we have implemented across all of our teams in eight countries. We have continuously received strong support from their team at all steps, be it implementation of the data to even launching surveys. Their anonymous surveys have made our people more confident & comfortable when sharing their true thoughts. Try it out! CultureMonkey will support you well & take care of you on your journey ahead!

E-traveli's Customer testionial

Maria Oskarsson

HR department

CultureMonkey is a game chxanger in the engagement and culture space. The in-depth insights on the platform have not only helped us identify the focus areas for our organization-wide strategy but the granular level of data has also enabled our managers to drive engagement at team levels. In short, CultureMonkey has been a blessing for HLE.

Home Loan Experts's Customer testionial

Oscar Pradhan

Employee engagement specialist


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