Magnify your manager’s effectiveness - furnish them with precise employee insights to grow & innovate

Empower your managers with the right employee engagement tools. Build leaders who inspire, influence, and coach their teams to generate the best business outcomes while balancing employee sentiments.

A shifting mindset: Drive employee engagement through high-performance leadership and reshape business

As per Gallup, at least 70% of the variance in team engagement is explained by the quality of the manager or team leader.

What skills make a good people manager?

Strategic perspective

Communicates powerfully

Inspires and motivates employees

Holds problem-solving ability

How can CultureMonkey’s employee engagement tool improve a manager's performance?

With our powerful employee feedback insights collected through pulse surveys, organizations can develop their managers and strengthen how they lead and engage their teams.

How does data from employee feedback improve manager effectiveness?


Increased profitability
with regular feedback
to managers


Executed strategies
to become better


Enhanced team
communications &
improved engagement

How do effective manager training work?

Timely leadership effectiveness surveys are sent to in-office and remote teams to collect feedback and gauge employee sentiments

Highly actionable reports from the feedback show manager’s strengths & areas of improvement on the manager's dashboard.

Actions are created by senior leaders or managers on engagement drivers with low scores to foster impact-driven performance

Managers take robust actions to resolve issues, become better leaders and drive meaningful growth amongst employees

Build transformational leadership with multifaceted manager
effectiveness surveys

Employee feedback constantly improves managers' effectiveness & performance at
every stage. Increase engagement scores with versatile manager effectiveness surveys.
Translate surveys to 1,000+ languages
Omnichannel experience for your teams
Anonymous employee engagement surveys
Seamlessly create & share your multilingual survey and collect feedback from your remote employees
worldwide. Facilitate it in 1000+ languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, etc, and allow your
employees to take the survey in their preferred language.
Omnichannel leadership effectiveness surveys reach your employees where they are. Increase
participation rate and engagement score by integrating different channels through our employee
engagement platform. Collect employee feedback from their preferred mode of communication -
Slack, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp, Email, or Sms.
Encourage employees to take part in manager effectiveness and engagement surveys by making survey
responses anonymous
. Such surveys ensure that you get honest, unbiased feedback which results in
accurate and highly insightful data points.

Cultivate managers to become better leaders with manager
dashboards. Better anticipate, address, and mitigate challenges by
analyzing employee sentiments in your employee engagement tool.

Link strengths and other employee metrics to manager effectiveness and transform your workplace.

Ready to drive extraordinary manager performance
without investing heavily in training programs?