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S02 E07: Personalization - The Modern Manager’s Go-to Tool to Boost Employee Engagement

“Employee engagement is constantly evolving. In the current times, personalizing employee experiences to match their unique needs is what will drive maximum productivity among employees”, says Varun Vijaykumar, Head of HR for Upstox as he shares his take on personalization in engaging employees.

Soumya Samuel 16 min read
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S02 E06: Day-to-day Role of Managers in Engaging Employees

The culture of any organization has to be carefully woven just like a kanjeevaram saree - with an eye for intricate details, and a focused approach to creating a sustainable culture says Sunitha Lal as she interacts with us on her opinion on the role of managers in engaging employees.

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S02 E05: Autonomy for Managers - A Must in Driving Employee Engagement

When it comes to employee engagement, managers are like the patty in a burger - cannot do without”, says Anil Monteiro, the CHRO of Tecnotree as he shares his thoughts and opinions on the role of managers in employee engagement. Watch the full episode to know more.

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S02 E04: Manager-driven Employee Engagement in New-age Organizations

There are drivers of engagement that managers play a key role in delivering. Say, recognition, career development, autonomy, and more. As organizational structures evolve, can the role of managers accommodate the capacity to engage employees as before? Listen to find out.

Soumya Samuel 20 min read
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S02 E03: Redefining Manager Roles for Impactful Employee Engagement

The workplace dynamics are changing and thereby, the role of managers. From project management to people management, managers are so much more than their designations and tenure says Sunil Naik, Director of HR - India & South Asia for DHL Global Forwarding.

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S02 E02: Managers as Mentors in Driving Personalized Employee Engagement

Be it two decades ago or now, the role of a manager in engaging employees cannot be sidelined. Watch a CHRO share deep insights into how managers can enable their team in the capacity of a mentor.

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S01 E13: Influence of Company Culture on Employee Wellness and Organisational Success

Episode 13 dives into an unexplored component of organizational culture—proactiveness—on behalf of both the organization and the employee. Listen to Rajesh Srivastava talk about Capital Foods’ proactive culture which helped them stay strong even during the pandemic.

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S01 E11: Importance of Culture-fitness in an Organization

In this episode, we talk to Rohit Dhody, Senior Regional Director of HR at Syniverse, on the importance of company culture in increasing employee engagement.

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S01 E09: Importance of Human Connect in a Remote Environment

Company culture and employee engagement have always gone hand in hand. Although it is often assumed that the former influences the latter, it can be the other way around too. Listen to this episode to know how the role and influence they have on the other.

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S01 E02: Evolving Role of Managers in the E-culture

We Interact with Mr. Ramakrishna Vyamajala, Head of HR at Homefirst Finance Company,on the evolving role of managers in the new e-culture and how it has led to increased engagement in teams throughout most organizations.