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  • Surveys
  • Templates
    100+ Survey Templates (Built on proprietary CultureMonkey QPyramid*)
    Custom Templates
    Create your own survey templates or convert an existing survey into a new template
    Custom Surveys
    Create your own survey templates or convert an existing survey into a new template
    Pulse Surveys
    Pulse surveys with custom frequency and separate dashboard
    Autopilot - Segments
    Autopilot Segment with personalized questions to 30+ employee groups
    Autopilot - Lifecycle
    Autopilot Lifecycle to automate surveys to touch each employee from onboarding to separation
    SMS Notification
    Notify your employees via sms to collect responses for your surveys

  • Feedback
  • Anonymous Feedback
    Anonymous Textual Feedback via custom / pulse surveys in Free text
    Sentiment AI
    AI driven textual sentiment analysis on employee feedback to identify positive, neutral & negative feedback
    Auto Driver Classification AI
    Automated classification of feedback text into 15 drivers
    The WordCloud via Keyword extraction on all feedback
    Instant Feedback via Email
    Dedicated email address for Instant anonymous feedback
    Feedback Grouping
    Group multiple feedback into a single theme under and single action
    React to Feedback
    Reactions to Feedback notified to employess via email anonymously [Like / Love / Insightful / Curious]
    Private Reply to Feedback
    Anonymous private reply to employee feedback through actions
    Starred Feedback
    Star favorite feedback under a separate section to act on it later
    Email Notification for Actions
    Anonymous Email Notifications to Employees for all Feedback Actions

  • Actions
  • Kanban Board
    Kanban board for organizing actions as cards and drive them to completion
    Advanced filter for action board to filter tickets
    Email Reminders
    Set deadlines and auto remind the action owner via email
    Ticketing System for Actions
    Track actions as tickets via unique ticket ID
    Rich Text Editor
    Rich text editor for action descriptions
    AI Powered Suggested Actions
    Smart suggest EE / EX actions based on low performing drivers

  • Reports
  • Industry Benchmark
    Compare your employee engagement with other companies in your industry
    e-NPS Breakdown
    Detailed breakdown of e-nps showcasing promoters & detractors
    Historical e-NPS
    Historical analysis of organisation e-NPS over time
    CultureMonkey Heatmap
    Driver scores across demography like team, location, manager, gender, employee type
    Driver Reports
    Engagement Score by Drivers & Overall Driver Performance
    Pulse Dashboard
    Dedicated dashboard for pulse reports & pulse over time with quick digests
    Single Question Report
    Drilled down insights of every single question from custom, pulse or autopilot surveys with analytics
    Feedback Executive Summary
    Feedback vitals showcasing top feedbacks, top drivers, locations and managers
    Action Executive Summary
    Overall trend in taking actions within the organisation w.r.t EE / EX
    Bounce rate / Average Response Time
    Track the participation rate, click rate, bounce rate and the average response time for all survey responses
    Shareable Link
    Get sharable link for your survey reports and share the survey insights with your stakeholders in guest mode
    Export to PPT
    Export your survey results to Powerpoint (PPT) presentations with just 1 click
    Export to Excel
    Export all responses of a survey as a dump into an excel file.

  • Anonymous chat
  • Anonymous Chat with Employees
    Initiate a private anonymous real-time conversation with employees based on feedback received
    Chat Resolve
    Mark a feedback as resolved post chat successfully
    Chat History
    All anonymous chat history with all employees tracked under feedback

  • Collaborators
  • Collaborator Role
    Collaborate with several stakeholders within a single action via guest admin role
    Collaborator Dashboard
    Dedicated dashboard for every collaborator listing their actions
    Collaborator Comments
    Access for collaborators to create comments from guest access

  • Support
  • End-to-end assitance in account setup and implementation
    Named Dedicated Account Manager throughout the journey
    24 / 5 online / email support
    3 months guided workflow to help adopt CultureMonkey into your organisation

  • Emails
  • Email Notifications
    Bespoke email notifications for all modules - Surveys, Feedback, Action, Collaborators, Chat
    Weekly Digest
    Weekly digest emails to Leaders summarizing the vitals
    SMTP Configuration
    Configure the sender email with your own SMTP settings

  • Integrations
  • Employee transfer
    Bamboo HR, OneLogin, Workday, Microsoft Teams

  • General
  • Multi-Language Support
    German, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese
    Global Search
    Search globally on surveys, feedback, employees and manager from the master search bar
    Company Trivia
    Separate section to leave 'Did you know?' trivia about organisation that show up in emails to employees
    Import Employees: CSV
    Bulk import employees and all employee attributes into the system using CSV file
    Manage Employees/Teams/Locations
    Single employee / single admin view to manually update attributes and values
    Custom Attributes
    Add a custom attribute to employees based on your organisations need