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Burn out
Work-life imbalance

50% of employees in finance are disengaged

Dealing with displeased customers and doing mundane work can lead to disengaged teams.

Identify:Collect employee feedback with science-based pulse surveys and create a culture that drives employee engagement.

Analyse:Erase blind spots with insightful engagement reports and understand the pain points of employees individually.

Act:Self-curate or use AI-recommended actions based on insights from survey reports and build an engaged and productive workforce.

64% of employees in finance are burnt out

With market fluctuations and work pressures, employees can feel exhausted and unheard.

Observe:Focus on employee lifecycle surveys and deeply analyze the burnout stage or run targeted burnout surveys to identify the measurable causes of burnout and create opportunities for rest and recovery.

Ask:Initiate 1-on-1 anonymous conversations with employees with low scores and gather genuine responses to take swift actions.

Engage:Compare progress or regress over multiple custom periods to improve employee engagement & development and execute & map actions planning transparently in the kanban board.

56% of employees in finance lack work-life balance

24/7 shifts and long work hours can lead to poor work-life balance.

Uncover:Identify work-life balance problems by conducting wellness surveys with a key focus on eNPS and mNPS questions, assess the promoters and detractors, and create personalized employee experiences.

Compare:Highlight red flags and identify strengths and weaknesses through a cumulative report of engagement scores across teams and locations through engagement heatmaps.

Measure:Utilize key insights on exclusive manager dashboards and compare with industry benchmarks to engage employees, and reduce turnover and burnout.

Anonymous employee feedback with CultureMonkey Your secret to people success

Our fast-paced and high-pressure fintech environment is extremely challenging which puts excessive pressure on me to achieve results. This affects my mental health and adds stress making it difficult to focus on work.