Increase your employee survey participation rate. Listen to your employee feedback on Slack, Whatsapp, SMS, and more.

Connect CultureMonkey’s survey software with your employees’ favorite messaging channels using integrations and increase survey participation.

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The medium is the message - Send surveys where it is easy for employees to respond.

Enable multi-channel integrations to send simple, subtle nudges via the right channels, indirectly influencing your employees to make the right decisions and build a culture of participation.

Use Whatsapp integration to listen to your employees’ feedback

Notifications: Seamlessly link the CultureMonkey’s survey app with Whatsapp web API to notify your employees instantly with survey links, and subsequently send instant/scheduled reminders to unanswered survey participants.

Bottom-up employee feedback: With WhatsApp integration, your employees can send a proactive message to CultureMonkey’s contact and that will be converted to an anonymous feedback ticket.

Slack: 2 way communication via Slackbot

A dedicated slackbot for CultureMonkey's feedback app through which your employees are constantly notified and reminded about their survey participation.

Use our interactive slackbot to capture your people's sentiment and perform periodic pulse checks.

Gentle nudges as interventions to increase survey participation.

SMS: Listen to the feedback of your blue-collar employees, help them feel heard

Increase the survey participation rate of your blue-collar employees. Get their feedback via SMS integration especially when they are not reachable on other apps or emails.

Update your on-site workforce about your company's culture, make them feel included and fulfilled.

Emails: Nothing like getting an email from the boss to boost survey participation

All notifications via CultureMonkey’s survey app by default go to your employees’ work emails.

Customize the email notification’s subject and body specific to your surveys.

Set up a last-mile intervention through the manager’s email to employees who have not answered your survey yet and improve your participation rate.

Kiosk: Collect employee feedback using our Kiosk app

Gather feedback from any employee with unique identifiers such as mobile number, date of birth.

Run in-depth analytics on the collected survey data and view the data in the form of survey reports and dashboards.

Compatible with iPads, Android tablets and Smartphones.

Listen to your employees' feedback, wherever they are!