Top 10 pulse survey tools (Free & Paid)

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Top 10 pulse survey tools (Free & Paid)

Are you looking to gauge the pulse of your organization? Want to dive deep into your employees' thoughts and feelings but tired of sifting through endless surveys? Well, in this blog, we're going to take you on a thrilling ride through the top 10 pulse survey tools that will revolutionize the way you gather feedback from your team.

These nifty tools have taken the business world by storm, offering quick and easy ways to measure and improve employee engagement, satisfaction, employee net promoter score, and overall well-being.

From slick interfaces to real-time feedback analytics, they've got it all. We'll explore their features, functionalities and even sprinkle in some user testimonials to give you a taste of what each tool brings to the table.

So, buckle up and get ready to discover the ultimate employee pulse survey tools that will empower you to make data-driven decisions and cultivate a happier, more productive workforce.

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What is a pulse survey tool?

Picture this: you're responsible for a team of talented individuals. You care about their happiness, engagement, and overall satisfaction, but how do you measure employee engagement? Enter the pulse survey tool, your trusty companion in the quest for employee insights.

But what exactly is employee survey software? Think of it as a modern, tech-savvy alternative to traditional employee surveys. It's designed to gather quick, frequent feedback from your team members, allowing you to stay connected with their thoughts and emotions on a regular basis.

Unlike lengthy annual surveys, which can feel like a daunting task, pulse surveys are short, focused, and easy to complete. They typically consist of a few targeted questions related to various aspects of the work environment, such as job satisfaction, work-life balance, communication, and team collaboration.

In a nutshell, employee pulse survey tools empower organizations to proactively identify areas of improvement, boost employee engagement, and foster a positive work culture. By capturing the real-time pulse of your workforce, you can make data-driven decisions that lead to happier, more motivated employees and ultimately drive organizational success.

What is the difference between engagement survey and pulse survey?

Engagement surveys and pulse surveys are two powerful tools used to gather feedback from employees, but they differ in their scope, frequency, and objectives.

Engagement surveys are typically conducted on an annual or biennial basis and aim to measure overall employee engagement within an organization. They delve deep into various aspects of the employee experience, such as job satisfaction, communication, career development, and leadership effectiveness.

These surveys are comprehensive in nature and provide a holistic view of the organization's engagement levels. The data collected from engagement surveys are valuable for identifying long-term trends and patterns, as well as setting strategic goals for improving employee engagement over time.

On the other hand, pulse surveys are designed to be quick, frequent, and focused. They are meant to take the pulse of the organization in real-time, providing a snapshot of employee sentiments and opinions on specific topics. Pulse surveys are more targeted and specific, tackling timely issues or exploring a particular aspect of the employee experience.

Both types of surveys are valuable tools in understanding and improving the employee experience, and when used together, they provide a well-rounded approach to driving organizational success.

Best pulse survey tools (Free & paid)



CultureMonkey, a cutting-edge employee pulse survey software that takes your workplace culture and engagement to new heights. With CultureMonkey, organizations can effortlessly listen to, analyze, and act upon employee feedback in real-time, creating a thriving work environment.

Here's why CultureMonkey stands out from the crowd:

  • User-friendly interface: Say goodbye to complicated survey creation processes. CultureMonkey offers a user-friendly interface that allows organizations to quickly create and launch employee pulse surveys. You can easily onboard participants and customize survey questions to target specific areas of employee engagement.
  • Research-backed templates: Kickstart your feedback collection process with CultureMonkey's extensive library of 100+ anonymous employee engagement survey templates. These templates are backed by research, ensuring you cover a wide range of employee engagement drivers from the get-go.
  • Seamless integrations: CultureMonkey plays well with other HRMS tools like Darwinbox, Zoho People, Okta, and Keka. The seamless integration enhances the employee feedback experience, making it more comprehensive and insightful.
  • Multilingual surveys: CultureMonkey understands the importance of inclusivity. The software enables organizations to create mobile-friendly employee surveys with multilingual questions, ensuring that every employee, regardless of their background, can provide feedback conveniently.
  • Increased participation: Boost your pulse survey participation rates by integrating CultureMonkey with popular social and professional channels such as Slack, Teams, and WhatsApp. This integration makes it effortless for employees to participate and share their thoughts.
  • Anonymous conversations: Foster open and honest dialogue between employees and management. CultureMonkey's standout feature turns anonymous employee feedback into anonymous conversations, creating a safe space for valuable discussions.
  • Visual engagement metrics: Get a clear visual representation of your employee engagement metrics through CultureMonkey's engagement score heat map. This visual overview helps you identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
  • Actionable insights: CultureMonkey goes beyond data collection. It automatically classifies employee feedback into positive, negative, and neutral categories through sentiment analysis. This deep understanding of real-time employee sentiment empowers you to take targeted action.

Additionally, CultureMonkey measures manager effectiveness by capturing powerful feedback through employee engagement survey software. This feature enables organizations to identify areas for improvement and proactively address attrition trends and flight risks.

With AI-powered recommendations and customizable reports, CultureMonkey provides actionable insights to HR teams and managers, ensuring that feedback issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

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With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Geekbot's pulse survey tool revolutionizes how teams collaborate, making it an indispensable asset for any forward-thinking company.

  • Seamless team collaboration: Geekbot's pulse survey tool facilitates seamless team collaboration by automating the process of collecting feedback and conducting surveys. It enables team members to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns in a structured and organized manner.
  • Real-time pulse check: With Geekbot's pulse survey tool, you can take the pulse of your team in real-time. Regularly scheduled surveys allow you to gauge employee satisfaction, track morale, and identify potential issues early on.
  • Customizable survey templates: Geekbot understands that every team is unique, which is why their pulse survey tool offers customizable survey templates. Tailor the questions to align with your team's specific goals, values, and challenges.
  • Automated reporting and analytics: Gone are the days of manually compiling survey data and analyzing results. Geekbot's pulse survey tool automates the reporting process, generating comprehensive and easy-to-understand analytics.

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Typeform (Free)


With its intuitive interface and interactive design, Typeform's pulse survey tool revolutionizes the way teams collect and analyze data, making it an indispensable asset for any forward-thinking company.

  • Engaging and interactive surveys: Typeform's employee survey software takes surveys to a whole new level with its engaging and interactive design. Say goodbye to boring, traditional questionnaires. With Typeform, you can create visually appealing surveys incorporating various question types and images.
  • Seamless multi-channel distribution: Typeform makes it easy to distribute your pulse surveys across multiple channels. Share surveys via email, embed them on your website or even integrate them into your team's preferred collaboration platforms.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting: Typeform's pulse survey tool offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Gain deep insights into your team's responses through visualizations and data summaries. Identify trends, spot patterns, and pinpoint areas for improvement effortlessly.
  • Automated reminders and notifications: Never worry about missing survey deadlines or chasing down responses again. Typeform's pulse survey tool automates the process by sending reminders and notifications to participants and ensuring high response rates.

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QuestionPro (Free)


QuestionPro's innovative SaaS solution empowers businesses to effortlessly gather valuable insights, streamline survey administration, and unlock the full potential of their teams.

  • Advanced survey design and customization: QuestionPro's pulse survey tool offers advanced survey design capabilities, allowing you to create customized surveys that align with your organization's unique goals.
  • Multi-channel distribution and accessibility: Distribute your pulse surveys seamlessly across multiple channels to maximize response rates. QuestionPro enables you to share surveys via email, social media, embedded links, or even SMS.
  • Real-time data and analytics: QuestionPro's employee survey software provides real-time data and analytics, empowering you to monitor your team's pulse at any given moment. Access comprehensive dashboards and visualizations that showcase key insights, trends, and patterns.
  • AI-powered text analytics: Gain deeper insights from open-ended survey responses with QuestionPro's AI-powered text analytics. The tool automatically analyzes and categorizes textual data, saving you time and effort manually reviewing and interpreting responses.

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With its advanced features and comprehensive analytics, Sogolytics's pulse survey tool empowers organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their team dynamics.

  • Sentiment analysis and emotional intelligence: Sogolytics's employee survey software goes beyond traditional surveys by incorporating sentiment analysis and emotional intelligence. The tool can analyse the emotions expressed by leveraging natural language processing and AI algorithms.
  • Dynamic survey design: Sogolytics's pulse survey tool offers dynamic survey design capabilities, allowing you to create personalized surveys tailored to your organization's specific requirements.
  • Real-time analytics and actionable insights: Access real-time analytics and gain actionable insights with Sogolytics's pulse survey tool. Visualize survey results through interactive dashboards and reports, enabling you to track trends, monitor progress, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Employee engagement tracking: Sogolytics's pulse survey tool offers robust employee engagement tracking capabilities. Monitor employee satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty over time. Track engagement levels across different teams, departments, or locations and identify factors that impact engagement.

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With its advanced features and actionable insights, Glint's employee survey software empowers organizations to create a culture of continuous improvement and drive exceptional employee experiences.

  • AI-driven action planning: Glint's pulse survey tool leverages AI-driven action planning to transform survey data into meaningful action. The tool analyzes survey responses, identifies key areas for improvement, and generates personalized action plans for managers and leaders.
  • Real-time employee analysis: Glint's pulse survey tool provides real-time employee analysis, allowing you to understand how your workforce feels at any given moment. With sentiment analysis, you can identify trends, gauge overall employee morale, and proactively address any concerns.
  • Manager enablement and coaching: Glint's pulse survey tool offers manager enablement and coaching features to drive effective leadership. The tool provides managers with personalized insights and recommendations based on survey results.
  • Flexible survey design and deployment: Glint's pulse survey tool offers flexible survey design and deployment options to fit your organization's unique requirements. Customize survey questions, intervals, and themes to align with your goals and objectives.

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Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway's SaaS solution offers a comprehensive pulse survey tool designed to gather real-time feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and drive continuous improvement.

  • Tailored pulse surveys: Reward Gateway's pulse survey tool allows you to create customized surveys that align with your organization's unique goals. From choosing specific survey themes to tailoring questions based on your team's needs, the tool provides the flexibility to capture relevant insights.
  • Real-time feedback and analytics: With Reward Gateway's employee survey software, you can collect and analyze real-time feedback from your employees. The tool provides comprehensive analytics and interactive dashboards that highlight key insights and trends.
  • Action planning and communication: Reward Gateway's pulse survey tool goes beyond data collection by offering action planning and communication features. The tool enables managers and leaders to create action plans based on survey results, assign tasks, and track progress.
  • Pulse Plus employee surveys: Reward Gateway's employee pulse survey tool goes the extra mile by providing access to Pulse Plus, a suite of additional employee surveys. These surveys cover a wide range of topics, such as onboarding, benefits, and recognition.

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Qualtrics (Free)


With its advanced features and robust analytics, Qualtrics's pulse survey tool empowers organizations to create a culture of continuous improvement and elevate their employee experience.

  • Real-time employee feedback: Qualtrics's pulse survey tool enables organizations to gather real-time feedback from employees, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of their experiences. With frequent pulse surveys, you can stay connected with your workforce and identify emerging trends.
  • Advanced survey design: With Qualtrics's pulse survey tool, you can design surveys that are tailored to your organization's unique needs. From customizable question types to dynamic survey logic, the tool offers flexibility in survey design.
  • Intelligent text analysis: Qualtrics's employee survey tool leverages intelligent text analysis capabilities to analyze open-ended responses. With AI-powered text analytics, you can uncover sentiments, themes, and patterns hidden within qualitative feedback.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting: Access powerful analytics and reporting features with Qualtrics's pulse survey tool. Visualize survey results through interactive dashboards and reports, allowing you to uncover trends, track progress, and benchmark against industry standards.

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With its unique features and actionable insights, Achievers's employee pulse survey tool empowers organizations to strengthen employee engagement and create a thriving workplace environment.

  • Continuous listening: Achievers's employee survey tool enables organizations to establish a culture of continuous listening. With frequent pulse surveys, you can collect employee feedback, fostering an environment where their voices are heard.
  • Customizable surveys: Tailor your surveys to meet the specific needs of your organization with Achievers's pulse survey tool. Customize survey questions, themes, and intervals to align with your unique goals and objectives.
  • Actionable insights: Achievers's pulse survey tool provides actionable insights that empower organizations to make data-driven decisions. The tool offers comprehensive analytics and visualizations that highlight key metrics and trends.
  • Manager and employee dashboards: Empower managers and employees with personalized dashboards within Achievers's pulse survey tool. Managers can access real-time data on their team's engagement levels, enabling them to identify areas of concern and take proactive measures.

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Formstack's innovative SaaS solution offers a powerful employee survey tool designed to streamline the survey creation process, gather valuable insights, and empower organizations to make data-driven decisions.

  • Easy-to-use survey builder: Formstack's pulse survey tool features an intuitive and user-friendly survey builder, making it easy for anyone to create professional surveys. With drag-and-drop functionality, customizable templates, and a wide range of question types, you can quickly design surveys that capture the specific insights you need.
  • Advanced data analysis: Unlock the power of your survey data with Formstack's advanced data analysis capabilities. The tool provides robust analytics and reporting features, allowing you to visualize and analyze survey results in real-time.
  • Seamless integration: Formstack's pulse survey tool seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party applications, including CRMs, HR systems, and performance management tools. This integration streamlines your survey workflows and enables you to leverage existing data and processes.
  • Mobile-friendly surveys: With Formstack's employee survey tool, you can create mobile-friendly surveys that are accessible on any device. This feature ensures that your employees can provide feedback anytime, anywhere, using their preferred devices.

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In conclusion, while it's crucial to understand the significance of company culture and employee engagement, it's equally important to take action based on the insights we gather. That's where employee survey tools come into play. By leveraging these tools, we can bridge the gap between data and action, transforming statistics into tangible improvements within our organizations.

Among the top 10 pulse survey tools available, one employee engagement platform stands out as the best way to go: CultureMonkey. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, CultureMonkey empowers businesses to effectively measure and enhance their company culture.

So, instead of merely preaching about company culture, embrace tools to truly understand and prioritize human values within our organizations.