Employee Net Promoter Score

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What are detractors: Definition & tips to convert detractors into promoters

Detractors are dissatisfied customers who can harm your brand. To convert them into promoters, listen to their concerns, offer solutions, and provide exceptional service. Turn their negative experiences into positive ones, and watch them become loyal advocates.

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Top 31 employee net promoter score questions to measure employees' satisfaction

CultureMonkey's employee net promoter score questions help you measure and gauge your employees' workplace satisfaction by breaking down the challenges they face in the company and also help your people leaders to improve employee engagement and company culture.

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What is eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score)?

Are you curious to know how happy your employees are at work? And want to learn what is eNPS? Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is the perfect tool to measure and improve your workplace culture. Discover the power of eNPS in our blog post.

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How to create the best employee referral program in 2023

Discover the steps to craft a top-notch employee referral program in 2023. Engage employees, streamline processes, and track success.