Employee Retention

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What is turnover rate in employees? Why does it matter?

Discover the pivotal role of turnover rate – a vital HR metric that unveils workforce insights. Learn why it matters for a healthier, more productive organization.

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What are stay interviews: Tips, tricks, and stay interview questions to retain your employees

Stay interviews are a powerful tool for retaining your valuable employees. Learn the best tips, tricks, and questions to conduct successful stay interviews and create a thriving work environment that keeps your team engaged and committed. Discover the key strategies to retain top talent.

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Employee turnover vs attrition: What’s the difference

High turnover can signal underlying issues within an organization, such as poor management, inadequate compensation, or a lack of growth opportunities. On the other hand, attrition is an inevitable part of any workforce as employees retire or seek new challenges in their careers.

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Employee engagement and retention: A complete guide with proven tips and strategies

Employee engagement holds the key to unlocking a loyal and motivated workforce. Explore the profound impact of engagement on retention, productivity, and organizational success. Learn how to cultivate a thriving culture of engagement and retain your top talent for the long haul.

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Employee feedback loop: The secret sauce for employee retention

In today's competitive job market, retaining top talent is crucial. Discover the power of the employee feedback loop in boosting engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Uncover the secret sauce to keep your employees motivated, productive, and loyal.

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Employee turnover: Definition, causes, and strategies to improve them

Uncover the magic ingredients to prevent employee turnover and create a harmonious work environment. Explore the power of employee retention software like CultureMonkey in curbing turnover, boosting engagement, and fostering a workplace where employees thrive. Let this blog be your guide!

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How to calculate and improve your employee retention rate?

Uncover the secrets of calculating and improving your employee retention rate. Learn valuable strategies to retain your top talent and create a thriving workplace culture. Elevate your retention game today!

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The impact of employee engagement on retention in 2023

How can engaged employees increase retention rates, loyalty, and workplace performance, boost morale and your brand image? Check out how the top employee engagement and retention strategies can help leaders and HR professionals develop a successful organization and improve workplace engagement.

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3 important elements to add to your company culture to attract and retain modern employees

As we come out of the pandemic, companies want to grow. But how can you grow without a great company culture and a highly engaged workforce? Read this blog to learn the top 3 tips from Barbara to attract and retain the new age workforce - Gen Z & Millennials with the help of pulse surveys.

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The ultimate guide to employee retention during the great resignation in 2022

What can you, as a manager do to retain your employees amid great resignation? In this blog, you'll learn ways to stay competitive in the war for talent by using creative and effective employee retention and engagement strategies to create the perfect people-first work culture for your workforce.

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5 R’s of the great resignation triggered by the pandemic

Employees aren't just quitting their jobs - they're aspiring to new ways of life. This article talks about the five forces driving the long-term trend that will compel you to think if you are giving your employees a good reason to stay.