Employee survey templates & questions: crisis management, employee wellbeing & emotional safe space

Soumya Samuel
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In the wake of the pandemic, we received a number of requests for ad-hoc employee surveys on crisis management, employee wellbeing and emotional safe space (eSSQ).

We helped a number of our clients and CultureClub community members with questionnaires that helped them listen better to employee anonymous feedback during the time of crisis.

And we thought, why not share it forward with our community.

Below, you'll find three employee survey templates on:

  • Crisis management
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Emotional safe space
  1. I am satisfied with my organization’s response.
  2. I feel well-supported by my manager at this time.
  3. The frequency of communication from the senior leaders has been good.
  4. Leaders are keeping me informed by sharing relevant information.
  5. I feel confident in my team to support me through this crisis.
  6. I am able to manage both my professional and personal commitments.
  7. I can share my concerns to one of my colleagues or managers.
  8. I have been given all necessary resources, tools and support to continue my work during this time.
  9. I know where to find the resources provided by my organization to deal with the current situation.
  10. Do you have any feedback/suggestion?

  1. I am able to satisfactorily accomplish tasks assigned to me during this time.
  2. I am able to take all necessary steps to keep myself safe & healthy.
  3. I am able to extend my support to friends/family during this time.
  4. My level of stress feels manageable.
  5. My manager is checking in on me regularly to see how I am doing.
  6. I am able to share my concerns with my manager or teammate/s.
  7. I know where to raise concerns with respect to my own or a colleague’s wellbeing.
  8. I have access to resources from the organization to deal with the current situation.
  9. I feel confident of getting through the current crisis.
  10. What is the one thing that the company can do to ensure your wellbeing right now?

  1. It is easy to ask other members of my team for help.
  2. I feel members of my team value and respect each other.
  3. I have at least one friend in the organization.
  4. I can have honest conversations with my manager.
  5. I have opportunities to express my opinions in this organization.
  6. I appreciate my organization’s leaders for their honesty.
  7. I feel senior leaders regularly share all relevant information.
  8. I have access to the HR team in case any issue arises.
  9. I am aware of company resources to enable my emotional wellbeing. (eg: EAP)
  10. My manager makes it a point to check in on how I am doing.
Soumya Samuel

Soumya Samuel

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