Top 13 employee engagement survey vendors in 2024

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Top 13 employee engagement survey vendors in 2024
Top 13 employee engagement survey vendors in 2024

If you're on the lookout for the hottest employee engagement survey vendors in 2024, you've come to the right place. Look no further, for you've stumbled upon the guide that unveils the top 13 vendors leading the charge in this ever-evolving landscape.

It's like assembling a dream team of superheroes, each with their unique powers to take your employee engagement to extraordinary heights.

With the right survey vendor by your side, you can harness cutting-edge technology, real-time insights, and expert guidance to create a workforce that's not just satisfied but truly inspired.

In this blog, we'll take you on an exhilarating journey, exploring the top contenders that have earned their spot through innovation, customer satisfaction, and proven results.

Just as a virtuoso conductor orchestrates a symphony, you'll learn how to harmonize your engagement efforts and create a thriving, productive, and passionate workforce.

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Reasons to rely on employee engagement survey vendors

So, you might be wondering, why exactly should you ditch the DIY approach and rely on those trusty employee engagement survey vendors? Well, let me break it down for you in delightful little pointers that'll make you say, "Aha, that's why!"

Expertise unleashed: These survey gurus are like Sherlock Holmes meets Sigmund Freud – they know how to craft questions that reveal the deepest desires and concerns of your employees. With their expertise, you get a clear, unbiased picture of what's working and what needs a little love in your organization.

Anonymity breeds honesty: We've all been there – hesitant to share our true feelings, fearing judgment or repercussions. But fret not! When your employees know their responses are anonymous, they're more likely to spill the tea (and not just the herbal kind). Honest feedback allows you to address issues head-on and build a culture of trust.

Trends and comparisons: Who doesn't love a good trend analysis? These vendors provide you with invaluable data, benchmarks, and comparisons to see how you stack up against other companies. It's like peeking into your competitors' playbooks without the cloak-and-dagger drama!

Tailored action plans: Once you've got all that data goodness, it's time to put it to work! Employee engagement survey vendors don't just leave you hanging; they help create customized action plans that cater to your unique challenges and goals. It's like having a personal trainer for your company's well-being!

Real-time pulse checks: With surveys conducted regularly, you can take the pulse of your organization in real-time. It's like having a dashboard that shows you exactly how your team's hearts are beating – steady, racing, or in dire need of a caffeine boost!

Retention and recruitment booster: Engaged employees are more likely to stick around and even sing your praises to potential new hires. These surveys identify the key factors that keep your talent happy and loyal, making it easier to attract top-notch candidates.

Improving the bottom line: At the end of the day, it all boils down to the numbers. Engaged employees boost productivity, reduce turnover costs, and enhance customer satisfaction – all contributing to a healthier bottom line.

What does an employee engagement survey vendor offer?

Let's dive right in!

Tailored surveys for your unique team

These vendors are like master chefs, customizing surveys that perfectly match your company's flavors. They know that what works for a funky startup might not cut it for a more traditional corporation. So, they whip up questions that resonate with your specific culture, values, and goals.

Data, data, and more data

Once the surveys are done, you'll have a treasure trove of data at your fingertips. It's like having X-ray vision into the heart of your organization. You'll gain insights into employee satisfaction, engagement levels, and areas that need a little TLC.

Analyzing the data (So you don't have to)

Don't worry about deciphering all those graphs and charts; these experts have got your back! They'll analyze the data, spot trends, and highlight the essential takeaways, saving you from drowning in a sea of numbers.

Benchmarking for the win

It's always nice to know where you stand in the grand scheme of things. Employee engagement survey vendors offer benchmarking data, so you can see how your team stacks up against industry standards and top performers. Who doesn't love a little friendly competition?

Action plans with a side of strategy

Armed with all that valuable intel, these vendors help you whip up action plans that'll have your team dancing with joy. From addressing pain points to amplifying what's working, they'll guide you through the recipe for success.

Ongoing support and love

The survey fun doesn't end once the results are in. Employee engagement survey vendors are like caring mentors, providing ongoing support and advice to keep your team on the path to greatness.

Top 13 employee engagement survey vendors


CultureMonkey - An employee engagement survey vendor
CultureMonkey - An employee engagement survey vendor

CultureMonkey is a cutting-edge employee feedback tool that empowers organizations to collect, analyze, and take action on employee feedback in a holistic manner.

With our employee feedback tool, companies can enhance their workplace culture and boost employee engagement by pinpointing crucial areas for improvement and gaining actionable insights.

Here are few key features of the employee engagement platform:

Easy launch, swish results

Say goodbye to survey-launching woes! CultureMonkey's user-friendly interface ensures that you can set up employee engagement surveys in a jiffy. Just a few simple steps, and voila – your survey is ready to roll, capturing valuable insights that will shape your company's future.

50+ Ready-to-go survey templates

Don't know where to start? Fear not! CultureMonkey spoils you with a treasure trove of 50+ research-backed survey templates, pre-built and anonymous. Need something tailor-made? Go ahead and customize those templates to create a survey that speaks the language of your unique organization.

Seamless HRMS integration

Maximize your survey superpowers with CultureMonkey's HRMS integration. Connect with leading HRMS tools like Darwinbox, Zoho People, Okta, and more. Launch customized surveys with ease, and gain real-time insights to supercharge your workplace engagement.

User-friendly and multilingual

Engaging employees on the go? No problem! CultureMonkey's feedback surveys are designed to be mobile-friendly and accommodate multiple languages. And guess what? You can seamlessly integrate the surveys with popular platforms including Slack, Teams, and WhatsApp for skyrocketing participation rates.

Embrace anonymous conversations

Foster open and honest dialogue within your organization with CultureMonkey's anonymous employee feedback that turns into meaningful conversations. Transparency and trust are the name of the game!

Capture the employee journey

The employee life cycle is a rollercoaster of experiences, and CultureMonkey doesn't miss a beat. From onboarding to professional growth, their employee life cycle surveys capture feedback at every stage, helping you identify the key factors influencing engagement.

Visualize engagement metrics

Get ready for an engagement score heat map that makes data come to life! CultureMonkey presents engagement metrics in a visually appealing format, while the benchmark comparison feature helps you gauge how you fare against industry standards.

In-depth reporting made easy

Customizable reports that cater to your needs? Check! CultureMonkey lets you filter and gather feedback in a snap, empowering you with valuable insights and a comprehensive understanding of your employees' sentiments.

Uncover top issues instantly

GPT-powered explorer tools dig into employee feedback to highlight top keywords and themes at a glance. Identify key issues impacting engagement and morale with lightning speed.

Actionable insights backed by AI

Say hello to CultureMonkey's AI-powered magic! It identifies trends and themes within feedback, offering actionable recommendations to boost engagement and address concerns. Be a proactive HR superhero.

Learn more about CultureMonkey



Engaging employee recognition

Achievers takes recognition to new heights with its employee recognition platform, celebrating achievements and boosting morale across the organization.

Real-time performance insights

Through their performance management tools, Achievers provides real-time insights into employee performance, enabling timely feedback and coaching.

Data-driven surveys

As an employee engagement survey vendor, Achievers empowers organizations with data-driven surveys that capture valuable feedback from employees at all levels.

Actionable analytics

With powerful analytics, Achievers transforms survey data into actionable insights, guiding organizations in making informed decisions to enhance engagement.

Continuous listening

Achievers believes in the power of continuous listening, allowing organizations to keep their fingers on the pulse of their workforce through regular surveys and feedback mechanisms.

Personalized employee experience

Through tailored recognition and rewards programs, Achievers creates a personalized employee experience, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation.



Comprehensive engagement surveys

BambooHR equips organizations with comprehensive engagement surveys designed to capture the pulse of their workforce. These surveys delve into employee satisfaction, happiness, and overall engagement levels.

User-friendly interface

With a user-friendly platform, BambooHR makes it effortless for HR teams to create and launch surveys, even for those with limited technical expertise.

Customization options

Recognizing that each organization is unique, BambooHR allows for survey customization, enabling businesses to tailor questions to align with their specific needs and culture.

Analytics and reporting

BambooHR's analytics and reporting tools provide deep insights into survey results. These data-driven reports empower organizations to identify trends, pain points, and areas of improvement.

Real-time feedback

BambooHR promotes a culture of continuous feedback by offering real-time survey results, their teams to address employee concerns promptly.

Actionable recommendations

Beyond just collecting data, BambooHR assists businesses with actionable recommendations based on survey outcomes, guiding them in taking the right steps to enhance employee engagement.



Advanced employee engagement surveys

Sparkbay offers employee engagement surveys that dig deep into employee sentiments, motivations, and satisfaction levels, providing organizations with actionable insights.

AI-driven analytics

With AI-powered analytics, Sparkbay transforms survey data into meaningful and easy-to-understand reports, enabling HR teams to identify patterns and trends in employee feedback.

Pulse surveys for real-time feedback

Sparkbay promotes continuous listening through pulse surveys, allowing organizations to gather real-time feedback and address issues promptly.

Customizable surveys

Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization, Sparkbay allows for survey customization, so businesses can tailor questions to their specific needs and goals.

Action planning and follow-up

Sparkbay goes the extra mile by assisting organizations in developing action plans based on survey results and tracking the progress of implemented changes.

Anonymous and secure

Sparkbay ensures anonymity and data security, fostering trust among employees and encouraging open and honest feedback.



Holistic employee engagement surveys

Leapsome provides comprehensive employee engagement surveys that delve into various aspects of the employee experience, from satisfaction and motivation to growth opportunities and company culture.

Continuous feedback and pulse surveys

With a focus on continuous improvement, Leapsome offers pulse surveys to gather real-time feedback, enabling organizations to stay connected with their workforce and respond to changing needs promptly.

AI-driven insights

Leapsome's AI-powered analytics offer data-driven insights, helping HR teams uncover hidden patterns in feedback and make informed decisions to enhance employee engagement.

Personalized surveys and templates

Recognizing the diversity of organizations, Leapsome allows for survey customization, ensuring surveys resonate with the unique needs and goals of each company. Additionally, they offer pre-built templates to kickstart the survey process.

Actionable feedback and development plans

Beyond survey data, Leapsome assists organizations in creating actionable development plans for employees, fostering a culture of growth and continuous learning.

User-friendly platform

Leapsome's platform is designed with ease of use in mind, making it simple for HR teams to design, launch, and analyze surveys without the need for technical expertise.



Comprehensive employee engagement surveys

ClearCompany offers comprehensive employee engagement surveys, providing organizations with valuable insights into employee satisfaction, motivation, and overall engagement levels.

Continuous listening and pulse surveys

With a focus on continuous improvement, ClearCompany enables organizations to gather real-time feedback through pulse surveys, fostering an ongoing dialogue with employees.

Customizable survey solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization, ClearCompany allows for survey customization, enabling businesses to tailor questions and themes to align with their specific needs and company culture.

Advanced analytics and reporting

ClearCompany's advanced analytics transform survey data into actionable reports, empowering HR teams to identify trends and patterns in employee feedback and make data-driven decisions.

Actionable feedback and development plans

Beyond survey data, ClearCompany assists organizations in developing actionable feedback and creating personalized development plans for employees, promoting continuous growth and performance improvement.

User-friendly platform

ClearCompany's platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it user-friendly and accessible to HR teams of all levels of expertise, streamlining the survey creation, distribution, and analysis process.



Robust employee engagement surveys

Trakstar provides comprehensive employee engagement surveys, designed to capture valuable feedback from employees and measure their level of engagement and satisfaction.

Customizable survey solutions

Trakstar understands that each organization has unique needs, and thus, they offer customizable survey options, allowing businesses to tailor questions and themes to align with their specific culture and goals.

Real-time pulse surveys

With a focus on continuous listening, Trakstar enables organizations to conduct real-time pulse surveys, fostering ongoing feedback and facilitating timely responses to employee needs.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Trakstar's advanced analytics transform survey data into actionable insights, empowering HR teams to gain a deeper understanding of employee sentiments and make informed decisions.

Action planning support

Beyond just gathering data, Trakstar assists organizations in creating actionable plans based on survey results, supporting them in taking proactive steps to enhance employee engagement.

User-friendly interface

Trakstar's user-friendly platform simplifies the survey process, making it easy for HR teams to design, launch, and analyze surveys without requiring technical expertise.



Versatile survey platform

Jotform, a versatile survey platform that empowers organizations to create customized employee engagement surveys tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

User-friendly interface

With a user-friendly interface, Jotform makes survey creation and distribution a breeze, even for users with limited technical expertise, streamlining the entire process.

Extensive survey question options

Jotform offers a wide range of survey question options, including multiple-choice, open-ended, Likert scale, and more, allowing organizations to gather diverse feedback from employees.

Seamless data collection

Jotform ensures seamless data collection through secure online forms, enabling HR teams to collect and manage employee responses efficiently.

Real-time data analysis

With real-time data analysis, Jotform enables organizations to gain immediate insights into survey responses, facilitating prompt decision-making.

Integration capabilities

Jotform's integration capabilities allow seamless connections with other essential tools and platforms, enabling organizations to centralize and streamline their data management processes.



Conversational surveys

SurveySparrow, with its conversational survey design, creating engaging and interactive experiences for employees, which in turn boosts survey completion rates.

Multi-channel distribution

With multi-channel distribution capabilities, SurveySparrow allows organizations to reach employees through various platforms like email, web links, SMS, and even chatbots.

Real-time feedback

SurveySparrow enables real-time feedback collection, empowering organizations to stay connected with their workforce and promptly address concerns and issues.

Offline survey support

Recognizing the importance of employee feedback even in remote areas, SurveySparrow offers offline survey support, ensuring no employee's voice goes unheard.

Smart reporting and analytics

With smart reporting and analytics, SurveySparrow transforms survey data into actionable insights, aiding HR teams in making data-driven decisions.

Customizable and personalized surveys

SurveySparrow allows for survey customization, enabling organizations to personalize surveys to resonate with their unique culture and objectives.

Workday Peakon

Workday Peakon
Workday Peakon

Employee engagement surveys

Workday Peakon provides robust and customizable employee engagement surveys to help organizations gather feedback and insights from their workforce.

Real-time feedback

With real-time feedback capabilities, Workday Peakon enables continuous listening, allowing organizations to stay connected with employees and address concerns promptly.

Actionable insights

Workday Peakon's platform analyzes survey data and delivers actionable insights to HR teams, helping them identify areas for improvement and implement effective engagement strategies.

Employee performance analysis

The platform offer performance analysis tools that align employee feedback with performance metrics, aiding in talent development and retention.

Dashboards and reports

Workday Peakon provides interactive dashboards and reports to visualize survey data, making it easier for organizations to interpret and communicate results.

Integration with workday HCM

Workday Peakon can seamlessly integrate with Workday's core HCM platform, facilitating data sharing and enhancing HR processes.



Employee engagement surveys

Officevibe provides employee engagement surveys designed to capture feedback from employees and measure their level of engagement, job satisfaction, and overall happiness at work.

Pulse surveys

The platform offers pulse surveys, enabling organizations to conduct frequent, short surveys to gather real-time feedback and identify emerging trends in employee engagement.

Actionable insights

Officevibe's survey data analysis provides actionable insights and recommendations, helping HR teams and managers understand survey results and implement meaningful changes.

Customizable survey templates

To cater to diverse organizational needs, Officevibe offer customizable survey templates, allowing companies to tailor questions to their unique culture and goals.

Anonymous feedback

Officevibe promotes open and honest communication by providing anonymous survey options, encouraging employees to share their opinions without fear of reprisal.

Performance management integration

Officevibe integrates with performance management systems, connecting employee feedback to performance metrics and enabling talent development efforts.



Employee engagement surveys

Lattice provides employee engagement surveys that help organizations measure employee satisfaction, happiness, and overall engagement levels.

Continuous feedback

The platform offer tools for continuous feedback, allowing regular communication between managers and employees, fostering a culture of open dialogue.

Goal setting and tracking

Lattice provide goal-setting features, enabling employees to set individual and team objectives and track their progress.

Performance reviews

Lattice offers performance review tools, streamlining the review process and providing actionable feedback for employee development.

Employee recognition

The platform include employee recognition features, enabling managers and peers to acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements.

Customizable surveys and reports

To suit specific organizational needs, Lattice offer customizable survey templates and in-depth reporting features, providing valuable insights for HR and leadership.



Employee engagement surveys

15Five provides employee engagement surveys that help organizations measure employee satisfaction, happiness, and overall engagement levels.

Pulse surveys

The platform offer pulse survey capabilities, allowing organizations to gather real-time feedback and insights from employees on a regular basis.

Continuous performance management

15Five provide tools for continuous performance management, enabling ongoing check-ins, feedback, and goal tracking between managers and their teams.

OKRs and goal setting

The platform include features for setting and tracking Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), aligning individual and team goals with organizational objectives.

Employee recognition and feedback

15Five offer employee recognition and feedback features, fostering a culture of appreciation and open communication within the organization.

Analytics and reporting

To gain valuable insights from survey data, 15Five provide analytics and reporting features, helping HR teams and leaders make data-driven decisions to enhance employee engagement and performance.


Among several employee engagement survey vendors, CultureMonkey stands out as a top-notch choice. With its user-friendly interface, versatile survey templates, and HRMS integration, CultureMonkey simplifies the survey process and ensures valuable insights are captured effortlessly.

The emphasis on anonymous conversations fosters open dialogue, promoting a transparent and trusting work environment. The platform's AI-powered analysis provides deep understanding and actionable recommendations, empowering HR teams to make informed decisions for employee growth and development.

Discover the profound impact CultureMonkey can make on your organization. Elevate your employee engagement strategies and nurture a workforce that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and success.