The best pulse survey tool to send short, quick, and frequent ‘pulse surveys’ for faster and honest feedback

  • Reduce survey fatigue: An Employee pulse survey tool that helps you continuously send one impactful question per week/month.

  • Don’t wait for annual surveys to bring critical problems to the surface; use our best-in-class pulse survey tool to launch an automated pulse survey today.

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A pulse survey tool to measure work culture, engagement, and productivity, all-in-one place.

CultureMonkey’s pulse survey tool
is designed to get you up to speed, fast.

With our pulse survey software, create your first pulse survey in just a few steps. Make time for the work that matters.

Pre-built pulse survey questions to choose from within our pulse survey tool

Pre-built pulse survey templates

Over 30 simple yet carefully researched pulse survey questions, measuring 15 organizational health drivers, tracked throughout the year, all within one pulse survey tool.

Mobile friendly employee pulse survey-tool

Mobile-friendly pulse survey form

With CultureMonkey’s pulse survey tool, send your employees links to the survey on their work email, Slack, Whatsapp, and more.

Our pulse survey tool’s responsive survey form lets employees submit responses on the go, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Setting up the pulse survey frequency within the pulse survey tool

Pulse survey frequency

A pulse survey is all about getting feedback faster. With our pulse survey tool, schedule your pulse surveys the way you want — weekly/bi-weekly/monthly.

Access analyzed feedback in real-time and strategize actions based on the pulse survey data captured within the pulse survey tool.

Pulse survey timeline visualization within the pulse survey tool

Visual pulse timeline

Visualize the entire timeline of scheduled pulse checks. See what surveys are sent, and which engagement health drivers are measured across the past and future with our all-in-one pulse survey tool.

Anonymous pulse survey tool

Every employee touchpoint is 100% anonymous within our pulse survey tool. Let employees share honest feedback without the fear of consequences.

Pulse survey results

Track the metrics that matter to you most. Close the gaps in understanding your employees.

Quick reports

Deep insights