Employee Engagement Survey Software that adapts and scales as your workplace grows.

Give employees the opportunity to reflect and share feedback.

Help managers measure their employees' pulse, evaluate the survey results, and act on the feedback.

Proactive. Anonymous. Automated.

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A single source of truth to measure and manage employee engagement


Build and launch custom employee engagement surveys. Add your touch. Make them powerful.

CultureMonkey’s employee engagement surveys are 100% customizable. Add your own voice, to every employee survey question. Make that survey question, a conversation.
Send your employees surveys to measure just about everything –– job satisfaction, engagement, wellness, adaptation, productivity, inclusion, and more, all within our employee engagement survey software.

Employee Pulse Survey

Regular pulse checks
with short employee engagement surveys.

Collect employee feedback, measure key engagement statistics, identify and solve problems
— all at a faster rate than ever before, with the best-in-class employee engagement surveys.

One click, that is all it takes

30+ employee engagement surveys, measuring 15+ engagement drivers — all pre-built and automated.

Don’t wait till the annual engagement survey to bring out imminent issues. Act before it is too late.

Reduce Survey Fatigue for employees

Just one question per survey sent weekly/ bi-weekly/monthly.

Higher the response rate and better the understanding of employee issues.

Insights: Snapshots

Get a quick overview of how your staff has responded to each employee engagement survey question within our employee survey tool.

With pulse surveys as signals, recognize and prioritize issues even before they arise.

Insights: Trends

Measure the impact of remedial actions taken by your team over time.

Visualize how key engagement drivers have improved over time across different teams/ locations/managers all within our easy-to-use employee engagement surveys.

Auto-pilot Employee Engagement Surveys

Go Auto-pilot! Send intelligent,
automated employee engagement surveys across
employee lifecycles and segments.

Go beyond regular employee engagement surveys. Enhance their potential by
sending them in a well-timed and resonant manner.

Employee Lifecycle Surveys

Automated employee engagement surveys for gauging engagement of your employee throughout their lifecycle

Empower your workforce

Make employee voices heard

Value employee productivity

Increase employee engagement

Make your hiring sustainable

Boost talent retention

Reduce employee attrition

Improve HR ROI

Possess a competitive edge

Go people first

Improve work culture

Maximize business outcomes.

Multi-segment automated employee engagement surveys

Nurture employee growth

Promote job-satisfaction

Ensure work-life balance

Explore career growth opportunities

Improve all aspects of your staff work-life

Perk rewards and employee recognition

Facilitate better communication

Monitor overall employee wellness

Build a diverse and inclusive work culture

Promote gender and cultural diversity

Provide equal opportunities

Ensure a safe work environment

Measure, optimize, and improve employee engagement with Survey Reports.

Measure well-defined and quantifiable engagement metrics like e-NPS, employee engagement score, employee engagement survey response rate, bounce rate, and average response time. Keep all stakeholders on the same page.

Use CultureMonkey’s employee engagement surveys to measure engagement drivers like work environment, rewards, recognition, communication, and work-life balance. Get specific by segmenting driver scores across teams, locations, reporting managers, gender, and employee type.

Every employee touchpoint is an opportunity for staff to voice their concerns. View all text feedback received for each employee engagement survey you’ve sent, neatly arranged, on a timeline view.

Compare your employee engagement driver scores against the industry’s best employee engagement survey benchmark data. Convert benchmarks as goals, set standards, and continuously work towards improving them.

Remove the hassles of getting data from multiple sources, cleaning up messy data, and manually creating an employee engagement survey report. Exporting your report is as easy as a click - in multiple formats like XLS, PPT, and a shareable link.