Listen and build close connections with your employees to cultivate a better remote work culture

Engaging remote employees can be challenging. CultureMonkey’s employee engagement software is a one-stop solution to connect, engage, conduct sentiment analysis and foster human connections between your in-office and remote teams.

The future of work is evolving. Deploy a dynamic approach toengage your employees virtually

Redefine, rebuild and reinforce a sustainable remote work culture and elevate remote employee wellness and experiences with the right engagement tools.

Why is remote work the future?


Increase in productivity


Higher engagement


Boost in work-life balance

Manage engagement, performance, and development with CultureMonkey’s employee engagement tool and find out which side of the scale are your employees hanging towards.

What makes CultureMonkey’s employee engagement tool for your remote employees distinctive?

Get real-time actionable insights about employee well-being and sentiments at each level and make remote employee engagement seem like a walk in the park.
Omnichannel experience for your remote teams
Weekly lifecycle insights for leaders & managers
High-impact remote work survey templates
Integrate different channels through our employee engagement platform and build people-first cultures. Collect employee feedback from their preferred mode of communication - Slack, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp, Email, or Sms and increase participation rate and engagement score.
The gap between your in-office and remote teams can be demanding. With weekly lifecycle insights, managers and leaders receive a subtle nudge with the feedback and responses from lifecycle surveys to eliminate the scope of skipping even a single response.
Our in-house experts analyze data across countries & industries to curate evidence-backed survey templates that collect meaningful data efficiently. Ask your employees the right survey questions about their remote work challenges, setup & communication barriers to check how they are adapting to the new norm.

Build the future of virtual work with world-class employee experience

Collect meaningful data and present actions in your remote work environment. Empower your remote teams to outline clear growth plans that balance business needs with their personal needs.