Retain your top-performing employees by predicting employee attrition

CultureMonkey is the new-age employee engagement and employee retention software that delivers actionable insights to help you amplify your retention strategies and build a better workplace culture.

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Why is employee retention software a pressing priority for scaling organizations?

Can your organization grow and expand with high voluntary turnovers? Deploy employee retention software to stay afloat and achieve strategic goals dynamically, with a well-skilled and committed workforce.

$1 Trillion

is lost by U.S. businesses every year due to voluntary turnover


of workers are either actively looking for a new job or are open to one

$7.8 trillion

in lost productivity due to disengaged employees

Why do fast-paced companies prefer CultureMonkey’s employee retention software?

Keep your teams engaged and motivated, reduce churn rate, prevent employee turnover and build a successful organization with our feature-rich employee retention software.

When your exceptional employees leave, your bottom line suffers—wondering why you need employee retention software? Recovery cost for a single employee can cost 6 to 9 months of their salary in hiring, training, and lost productivity. So, before you lose your best talent, get your hands on the correct data to predict and prevent employee attrition.

How can CultureMonkey’s employee retention software build a future-proof workplace?

Employee engagement and employee retention are directly linked. When employees are engaged and growing, they stay around. Our employee retention software gives you the tools and insight to retain employees and enhance performance.


Measure employee sentiments via timely employee engagement surveys sent through our employee retention software.

Help your employees improve performance and learn new skills with a continuous feedback mechanism through science-backed employee retention survey templates.

Understand employee needs and manage performance that makes your employees want to stay genuinely with full interest and commitment.

With CultureMonkey’s employee retention software understand data and analyze deep insights to predict employee attrition.

Make use of prompt feedback to spot issues and create better workplaces to curb employee turnover expected in the future.

Our personalized employee retention software helps you build robust employee retention action plans and act on them with prompt notifications to support high-quality employee development.

Rethink retention as you discover new ways to supercharge your employee engagement and create a culture-aligned workplace

Grow and retain your workforce with our employee retention software that drives personalized and continuous growth.

Retain your employees 10x more with CultureMonkey’s employee retention software and science-backed survey templates

Supercharge your employee engagement and create world-class employee experiences with a thematic survey library in our employee retention software.

People don’t leave their jobs, they leave bad managers!

Utilize advanced and powerful manager dashboard functionality in our employee retention software and supply your managers with the power and confidence to lead their teams effectively while keeping their employee retention scores high

Drive meaningful change and create employee-centric workplaces to make your employee stay by working on the drivers with low scores shared by your employees reflected in the manager dashboard in the employee retention software.

Empower managers to analyze in-depth reports with specific filters like geography, negative comments, tenure, gender, employment type, etc in their respective dashboards to understand what motivates their teams and shape a culture keeping employee needs into account.

Inspire your managers to create action steps & alerts in their dashboards to bridge the gap between the company and employee needs. Scrutinize employee feedback and help them find opportunities to aid employee development catalyzing their intent to stay.

Keep your best people closer to you and away from your competitors with our employee retention software.