Turn employee survey insights into action plans.

Measure. Act. Improve. Repeat.

Create an engagement action plan from employee feedback, prioritize tasks, collaborate with team members and track progress — all with a simple, lightweight task management tool.

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Capture employee feedback issues as actionable tasks

HR task management: Kanban board

Consider it to be the wall of post-it notes but it sits within CultureMonkey’s employee feedback platform.
Employee feedback action management using kanban board

Stay Organized by prioritizing employee feedback actions the way you want with an intuitive drag and drop of cards.

Collaborate with stakeholders across teams, delegate action items to owners, and communicate with context.

Track progress by setting deadlines and follow up with email notifications. Update progress by moving the feedback action cards across To-Do, In Progress, and Completed stage.

Have a sense of control by monitoring the overall workflow and spot bottlenecks. Visualize your priorities at a glance and guide your team towards creating a happy workplace.

Act with clarity

Resolve employee feedback and be on track to achieve your employee engagement goals.