Send focused surveys that resonate across employee lifecycles and segments.

Boost employee retention. Reduce turnover costs.

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Automate your employee lifecycle surveys. Send well-timed surveys to your employees, as they grow within your company.

Configure and send surveys at crucial touchpoints in an employee journey.

Our well-researched survey questionnaires enable you to measure and track employee engagement across seven phases of an employee lifecycle, right from the onboarding phase until the exit phase.



1st month
Give your employees a great start with their new opportunity! Onboarding surveys help you get insights on the hiring and interview experience, clarity about their new role, goals and more, as they get inducted into your company.
gradeContinuously improve the recruiting experience
gradeImprove the onboarding process
gradeDecrease the ramp time


2 - 4 months
Once you have successfully onboarded an employee, know how well they have adapted themselves into their job setting. Using an adaptation survey, ask your employee questions about the work environment, their manager and team, and their outlook about growth opportunities at your company.
gradeDecrease new hire fail rate
gradeCheck job-fit and culture-fit
gradeImprove training participation rate


4 - 6 months
Use a productivity survey to find out if your employees are given the right tools and opportunities to stay productive. Ask them questions to learn more about the values they add, their learning and development, roles and responsibilities, compensation.
gradeReduce time to full productivity
gradeImprove mentoring and training effectiveness
gradeReduce redundant routines


6 - 8 months
As your employee continues to be productive, understanding the intangible aspects of their work-life stands crucial. Using a comfort survey, turn your hunches — about your staff’s job satisfaction, work environment and personal development — into actionable data.
gradeDecrease absenteeism.
gradeImprove team morale
gradeImprove employee engagement


8 - 10 months
Does your company nurture your employees to grow along their career path? Find out using our growth survey. Ask your employees about their motivation levels, thoughts on career development within your organization, rewards/recognition and their work-life balance.
gradeFill the gaps in diversity and inclusivity
gradeBetter performance management
gradeImprove employee retention rate

Burnout & Wellness

18 months
Are your employees being overworked? Are they stressed? With our burnout and wellness survey, send them questions to check on their overall wellness, work-hours, stress levels and more.
gradeHelp manage work-life balance
gradeImprove the onboarding process
gradeDecrease the ramp time.


T-1 month
In the event of employee separation, replace the one-on-one exit interviews with a meaningful exit survey. Leverage the opportunity to receive honest feedback and suggestions about your company. Ask them about their reasons for entry and exit, experience with their team, work-life balance and more.
gradeAddress employee-employer gaps
gradeIncrease average Length of service
gradeIncrease HR ROI


Schedule automated surveys to gather employee sentiment across multiple segments. Make your data more meaningful.

Go beyond the normal survey. Strategically target surveys based on employee segments.
Listen across the spectrum. Unravel deeper insights.
Auto-pilot segmented survey feature contains in-built questionnaires for multiple groups falling within six segments––generation, tenure, pay band, role-type, gender and location base.

Generation Surveys

Roll-out automated generation surveys to baby-boomers, millennials, Gen-X and Gen-Z employees.

Assess how employees of varying age-groups respond to surveys about their work environment, rewards, job roles, compensation and recognition.

Tenure Surveys

Send tenure surveys to employees based on the length of their stay at your company: less than 1 year, between 1-3 years, between 3-5 years and more than 5 years.

Identify focus areas and redistribute your efforts in improving career-growth, job-satisfaction, leadership and work-life balance.

Pay-band Surveys

Know what employees across various pay brackets: L1, L2, L3 feel about their nature of work, compensation and benefits, by sending them a pay-band survey.

Create robust internal communication channels and improve transparency in addressing issues related to recognition, rewards and incentives.

Role-type Surveys

Send role-type surveys to employees in the top-level, mid-level and operation-level positions and ask questions about the nature of work, leadership and compensation.

Assess job satisfaction levels, give more opportunities to improve job-related skills and help employees to explore growth avenues within the company

Gender-based Surveys

Gather individual responses from employees based on their gender: male, female and others, by sending survey questions about inclusivity, gender-based discrimination or any incidence of harassment.

Make your workplace 100% gender-inclusive. Promote gender equality at every level of the company. Ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

Location-based Surveys

Send base surveys to your employees depending on whether they are from: a local, a non-local or an expat. Base surveys contain questions about workplace adaptability, inclusiveness, relationships with peers and more.

Embrace cultural diversity and be an equal opportunity provider.

Get the pulse of your organization

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